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This French course is going to immerse you into the short story of a tennis game. John has a sore knee, so Nándor is confident that he is going to win the game. Or, will he? 

Course Length 🕐

 5 x 5 steps (short)

Dictation available 👂


Focus on 📕

Vocabulary, idiomatic phrases of friends playing a tennis game (also applies for squash, badminton and other racket sports)

Characters 🎎

  • John: he’s an American friend of our French family of winemakers
  • Nán: he runs the family wine business with his sister Lana
  • Lana: she runs the wine business with her brother Nán. John has a soft spot for her, but he thinks she is mysterious. Is it because she truly is mysterious, or is it because she is just French?

Why enroll in this course

There are some turns of phrase, that you can only hear between friends who are playing a sports game. Sports make the language so alive! Discover some jewels of this bold speaking style in this original Staircase court – that was a typo, I mean this Staircase French course of course!

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