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A story in 30 steps from A1 to C1 with every step adding a new layer of difficulty. How far can you go? Start climbing and get an accurate evaluation of your current French level.

Average Duration: 30 Minutes ~

Tools: you can use the clues and the audio recordings included in the test.

Level evaluation: 

  • If you get stuck after Step 10 then your level is likely to be A1-A2 (False Beginner)
  • If you reach Step 20 and that the higher steps feel too hard then your level is B1-B2 (Intermediate)
  • If you reach Step 30, your level is C1 (advanced)
  • *If you reach Step 30 AND are able to play with your writing style and appreciate the subtleties of the highest steps then your French writing level might be C2. You'll have to pass the test with a teacher to confirm it.

While this test is not run by an accredited school, it follows the official level evaluation and description of the European CECR from A1 to C2. 

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